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Milton's Google Products Report

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Being that I am a Trusted Digital Media Advisor, I was watching a Google Partners Hangout, when the Moderator asked the guest what her favorite Google Product was. It was a very interesting question that I started answering for myself as soon as it was posed. Before I reveal my favorite product some background may be useful.
The first time I heard about Google I thought "Oh Yeah some new search engine may be on top now, but like all that came before it, it is doomed to the heap of tech companies that lay behind us." It was some time before I even used the search engine, and when I did I did NOT like the results. You might say at this point "This guy is a loser" and you would be right. We were all losers before Google ... reason?
At that point all the popular search engine companies were selling top result for queries. In other words, what I find so near and dear 'Relevant Search Results' did not yet exist. I know Google has ads in the search engine results page, but they also consistently give the most relevant ranked results (so much so that bing and Yahoo were copying the results). This makes all the difference to me. Now I am happy to report we are no longer losers when it comes to serps (Search Engine Results Pages). This may have led you to believe that I will say "Google Search is my favorite Google product." You would be wrong. There are many many other Google products worthy of mention. 'Webmasters Tools' comes to mind. 'Google Analytics' is an awesome product just like gmail - a top quality free email. I could go on and on ... shall I? Google+ is a wonderful free product. YouTube, the second most used search engine in the world. Google docs sheets and draw. I use many of these Google Products and I find them valuable in my work. Inside of Google Webmasters Tools there are even more cool tools, and that is how i found my all time favorite Google Product. Chrome and Search, I love ya but... Structured Data Testing Tool is by far my favorite Google Product. There I said it. Now you might say Structured What?
Well if you code with HTML5, you will want to learn how to use this tool. They recently updated the looks; I still choose Structured Data Testing Tool #1 Oh and about watching Google Hangouts one of my favorites (another great Google Product) is Guest, Karen from Nelson Cash, Karen talks about branding and other topics, earning high marks from this willing learner.

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September 17, 2016